Office Policies


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The more often schedulers were able to match patients with their PCPs, the more productive the visits became. We discovered that as physicians and patients developed their relationships, patients became more comfortable asking for needed services and were also more accepting of recommendations that they receive other services. Because physicians were familiar with these patients and had designed health care strategies for them, they were also more likely to have the time to perform these extra services. As more physicians saw their own patients and as services and efficiencies increased, so did revenues per patient visit.


Heights Medical has an OPEN ACCESS policy regarding appointments. Every effort is made to accommodate patients with their preferred provider on the same day they request regardless of reason. It is no longer necessary to prove a dire need to be seen. Although every effort is made, there are times that we may not be able to have your selected physician, but we will offer one of the providers to attend to your need.
We follow the guidelines set forth by the community standard regarding times for routine appointments, well physicals, emergencies and urgent cases. We have been commended by several insurance plans for adhering to the standards and for our availability to our patients.
The physicians at Heights Medical are available after office hours for any emergencies or urgent health care needs and have an assigned physician to cover hospital admissions and emergency room care.
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At Heights Medical we have instituted a program of electronic transfer of referrals to specialists and imaging facilities in an effort to reduce our patients’ burden in the referral process. At the time of your office visit, any referral that is generated by our physicians will be processed the same day to the insurance company, and you will be provided with the demographic information to make your appointment. The referral will be at the physicians office or facility avoiding the need to return to pick them up, mailing thereby waiting several days. At times there might be a delay, which is caused by the insurance plan deciding on the authorization.
Our web site has a format to follow when requesting follow-up referrals and other services which are needed. It is imperative to have all the necessary information to facilitate your request or your specialist’s request. If you, the patient, are not sure of what is requested, please advise your specialist to contact us via e-mail or fax with specifics of his request. Specialists who are subscribed to the Internet network will be able to do this electronically.
Referral requests are more easily handled through our website here


Heights Medical has a dedicated person to handle prescription refill requests from patients and pharmacists. This dedicated service is from 8AM to NOON daily; however, requests are also handled during office hours by our staff. It is beneficial to make your request early in the day and more efficiently through our website here. Our web site has a format to provide the necessary information to accommodate your request accurately. When your pharmacist has the capability to receive renewals and new prescriptions by e-mail the process will be a benefit to our patients, and the pharmacy, eliminating with handwriting difficulties, reducing the possibility of error and finally ending insurance plan challenges to your prescriptions.


It is expected that all co-payments be paid in advance of your visit upon your arrival at the office. There will be no exceptions to this rule as it is mandated by most insurance companies and by Heights Medical policy. It would be appreciated if patients come prepared with low denomination bills, as we prefer not to make change on large denomination currencies.
Patents with non-prepaid plans are expected to pay for their services before leaving the office, as billing is costly and cumbersome. All patients will be provided with a receipt and insurance forms will be completed and dispatched electronically so patients can receive their reimbursements in a timely fashion. Please remember that your health insurance is a contract between the patient and the insurance company. Heights Medicals staff will assist in any way possible to insure your reimbursement.


Although all providers are members of the Hackensack University Medical Center’s staff with admitting privileges, all our patients are cared for by a Hospitalist, a physician especially trained to care for hospitalized patients who is in the hospital continuously for several hours each day and available 24 hours per day.


It is our policy to call and inform each patient the results of all laboratory tests and examinations as soon as received in the office. The physicians themselves make calls, as office staff is not permitted to discuss medical results or information. With consent from patients, we can communicate results and instruction to patients with e-mail capability.