Heights Medical Associates is certified as an Osler Health Select practice. That means we are required to meet and maintain rigorous standards for quality, service and capability.
Why should we go through the trouble and work to achieve a third-party certification?Osler Health
An Osler Health Center of Excellence certification is earned by meeting almost two dozen standards for quality, service and value. With over two hundred elite clinicians and over ninety locations throughout New Jersey, you probably don’t have to look far from home to find one. Osler also means that your doctor works for you, not the hospital.
With hospital prices as much as ten times higher than equivalent independent providers and deductibles at all-time highs, Osler also means that you won’t overpay for equivalent or superior care and service.
We are truly committed to providing the best care at the best value to you. We worked hard to be admitted as an Osler Select practice. We work equally hard to welcome you to our practice.
Osler Health’s success as a clinically collaborative, value based system of independent physicians and related providers is no fluke. While hospital and commercial ACO companies are busy outdoing themselves to recruit the largest network possible, Osler is the opposite, admitting only the best and most effective practices.
That is because Osler invests heavily to equip, educate and support the best informed, enabled and empowered practices in the industry. And all that equals high performance because, in an increasingly value based reimbursement world, we are increasingly paid by is in actually providing value.
Still, despite Osler Health’s high standards for admission and participation, it is New Jersey’s second largest commercial Accountable Care Organization (ACO), and its largest non-hospital ACO by a wide margin.
Want to know more? Visit Osler Health for more information or call or email Osler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ~ 201-426-6526 extension 700.

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